The Royal XVI interview

Pictured left to right John Ho (Royal XVI), PRO, Vyente Ruffin (Royal XVI).

HW caught up with hitmakers Amilcar “PRO” Welton (center) manager, John Ho (left) and Vyente Ruffin producers for Royal XVI as they discuss branding, their NY state of mine and success…

Harlem World Magazine: Define the name Royal XVI?

Royal: We came up with the name, with more than beats and production in mind. The first thing that we considered was the ability to brand ourselves. How would Royal XVI look on a chain? That was literally our criteria for coming up with a name. Royal XVI also refers to 16 bars (the standard length of a verse in a song) fit for royalty. We’re offering a premium product; thus, it was only natural that our name reflect that.

HW: What creative individuals past/present out of NY have influenced your production?

R: NY is definitely on a different level in terms of art, music, and culture. They’ve played a major role in influencing us, from Just Blaze, Pete Rock, Wu-Tang to bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s not just the sound, but the idea that NY represents. It’s like NY is exempt from following formulas. It’s rebellious music, they appreciate good art, and they don’t care what the outside world thinks.

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HW: Where do you see music production going in the next 5 years?

R: Music production is only getting more difficult, with so much competition now-a-days. The fad of bedroom producers has come, and it’s about to go. It’s going to go back to it’s roots, where the word “producer” actually means something. In terms of music, I see the genres becoming more and more bonded together. I think HIP-HOP, will finally separate from the SNAP MUSIC fad, we’ll see the return of a lot more legitimate music. Actually, that’s me being wishful!

HW: What projects are you currently working on?

R: Flo Rida “In the Ghetto”, Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) “Til the End of the World”, Charlie Wilson (The Gap Band) “Jump In”, Varsity, Danity Kane, and Shakur. Working with mutli-platinum producers Rob Lewis and The Underdogs. Also in the lab with accomplished song writers James Fauntleroy, Rico Love, Cris Style, and Dwight “Kingpen” Watson.

HW: What is your number one key to success?

R: Hard work. Talent means nothing, everything we do successfully, we attribute to working hard.


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Amilcar “PRO” Welton

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