WE-ACT 2014 Input Meeting For 2014

membershipmtg2014(2)Two weeks ago, over 50 members and allies of WE ACT came together to talk about environmental justice and health issues that are impacting their lives and community. Many important issues came up, including mold in our homes, inadequate trash and recycling, lack of healthy and affordable food options, and lack of open and green spaces.

WE ACT is committed to working on many of these issues but we can only do it by working together.

Join us for our February 8th membership meeting and give your input on our 2014 Agenda. RSVP here.We are also having an Earth Day Planning Meeting on Tues 1/28 and a Transit Meeting (TRAC) on Wed 1/29 that are open to the public. For more info about those meetings contact: burke@weact.org

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Thanks again for your support and we hope to see you soon!

– WE ACT staff

P.S. NYC just announced the list of committees for the City Council! Click here to learn more.

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